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THE PEACOCKSMichael Jefry Stevens
Modes Of NatureJeff Shirley
ContigoJeff Shirley
Standards, Vol. 3Dan Arcamone
ORIGINALSChristopher Burnett
Look UpHenry Fears Quartet
ChromesthesiaJames Armstrong
Chasing MoonsAlex Wakim
PRECIPICEMichael Jefry Stevens
Standards, Vol. 2Dan Arcamone
Keyboard Christmas IIMichael (Mike) Pagán
Movin’ On IIRyan Anselmi
The Henry Fears QuartetHenry Fears
It Takes a VillageMorgan Faw and The Flame
Blue GoldJeff Shirley
CrossingsVince Gnojek
TangoVince Gnojek
Kansas WoodwindsKansas Woodwinds
A Groovin’ ChristmasWillie Meyers Thornton
Living Green World Blues
(Retrospective – Volume III)
Art Lillard – Michael Jefry Stevens
UNIFYArthur White and MERGE
featuring Randy Brecker and Ada Rovatti
Forgotten WishArt Lillard – Michael Jefry Stevens Quartet
The Haüs Jazz QuartetBrandon Mezzelo
Retrospective Vol. 1Art Lillard – Michael Jefry Stevens Quartet
Standards Vol. 1Dan Arcamone
Music For Percussion and PianoPhil Haynes + Michael Jefry Stevens
Afrika LoveAlchemy Sound Project
Bill CrainBill Crain
NascentDavid Caldwell-Mason
TraditionB.J. Jansen
Lookout Road IIRyan Anselmi
PsalmDan Arcamone
The Innocence of Spring
(Live at Hinton Hall)
Don Aliquo and Michael Jefry Stevens
Among FriendsThe Sextet
Córdoba (Music of Spain)Julie Hunsley Pagán
SanctuaryJames Armstrong
The Poet is in the HouseMichael Jefry Stevens
& The Mountain Chamber Jazz Ensemble
On the LamTodd Wilkinson and the Goombahles
On IceTodd Wilkinson and the Goombahles
TuskThe Conical Boar Saxophone Quintet
The TributeWillie Myers Thornton
when you find itArthur White and MERGE
Kansas City Area Youth Jazz
Bishop’s Peak
Kansas City Area Youth Jazz
Dan Arcamone
Dan Arcamone
InitiationSumi Tonooka and Erica Lindsay Quartet
Trading PostSouthern Excursion Quartet
Live In EuropeJeff “Siege” Siegel Quartet
Live In GrazLee Shaw Trio
BlossomLee Shaw Trio
OlatheRichie Pratt
Long Ago TodaySumi Tonooka
Motherless ChildJohn Blake, Jr.
Comfort & JoyToni Gates Trio
Black PotatoesTony Suggs
Black LiqueurTony Suggs
Live @ Duc des LombardsSébastien Paindestre
Only LoveGriffith / Stevens Quartet
Secrets From The Jazz Ghetto
Vol. 1 (Nightside)
George Kahn
Secrets From The Jazz Ghetto
Vol. 2 (Dayside)
George Kahn
Yes (Live at the Rosendale Cafe)Erica Lindsay
Together Again
(Live at The Egg)
John Medeski & Lee Shaw
Live at Art Gallery ReutlingenLee Shaw Trio
In My Own Sweet TimeChristopher White
and Pandemusicum
At The CabinReptet
She Do What She DoThe Uptown Jazz Collective
Sun & ShieldDon Aliquo
Millie & MikeMillie Edwards
UpcastMezei, Hemmersam, Stevens
I’m Old FashionedToni Gates
At What AgeMark Taylor
AnzixSzilard Mezei, Michael Jefry Stevens
This WomanToni Gates
ThreadsSir Threadius Mongus
Sumi Tonooka: NOWSumi Tonooka
ConfluenceKeith Pray
PeregrinationChris Hazelton Trio
Side EffectsTrio Generations
In ColorsDan Arcamone
Theme MusicChris Burnett
Out DoorsEsa Pietilä and Jeff “Siege” Siegel
The VoidDarryl Yokley’s
Sound Reformation
StretchRoger Wilder
Keyboard ChristmasMichael Pagan
DuetsMichael Jefry Stevens
Live From De WerfEastern Boundary Quartet
RiseBrandon Mezzelo Triptet
Time Flies
(Remastered Collectors Edition)
Christopher Burnett
The Super Villain Jazz BandMatt White
Time Flies
(Original Master)
Chris Burnett
RoninB.J. Jansen
20th Anniversary Tour
The Fonda / Stevens Group
Hampton House of JazzMarcus Hampton
My Name is Red
Zane Forshee
Let Go and Let God
Michael Todd
Perfect DreamWendy Jones
Christopher Burnett
A Risk I Take
Christopher Burnett
Mountain SongMichael Jefry Stevens and Eliot Wadopian
As of NowThe AM Trio
(Alyssa Murray)
The Ottawa SessionsPagán Bowman Steever
Kind FolkRon Carlson
That OneShades of Jade
Ballad For An Optimist
Christopher Burnett
Further ExplorationsAlchemy Sound Project
Lazy AfternoonMichael Jefry Stevens
Echoes of EuropeDino Massa Kansas City Quintet
In ColorsDan Arcamone
Evolve (reissue)Dan Arcamone
King of XhosaJeff Siegel Sextet
Rain On Us
Michael Todd
Live at StreamsideMichael Jefry Stevens Octet
Lookout RoadRyan Anselmi
Movin’ OnRyan Anselmi
my heart comes undonecomposer: Judah Adashi,
artist: Zane Forshee
Nellie Bly ProjectSam Boshnack Quintet
Shades of HappinessDavid Valdez
TravelerWilliam Flynn
EvolveDan Arcamone
The AncientsJames Armstrong
Red’s BluesMichael Jefry Stevens Quartet
Point of the StoryJeff Shirley
Cross CountryWilliam Flynn and Tim Fischer
Adventures in Time and SpaceAlchemy Sound Project
While You Were OutSons of Brasil
SkywatcherStanton Kessler
Live at Jazzforum BayreuthEastern Boundary Quartet
2018 Spring ConcertFirst City Flute Choir
London LiveJeff “Siege” Siegel Quartet
2+2Greg Carroll + Michael Pagán
Standards Vol. 1Christopher Burnett
Standards Vol. 2Christopher Burnett
RuminationsJames Armstrong
For YouRon Carlson
XDan Arcamone
When You Were ThereHetco, Syracuse, and Siegel
Luck 20Luck 20
2019 FELLOWSKansas City Area Youth Jazz
2020 FELLOWSKansas City Area Youth Jazz
2021 FELLOWSKansas City Area Youth Jazz
2022 FELLOWSKansas City Area Youth Jazz
2023 FELLOWSKansas City Area Youth Jazz
Chronicles of CarmelaWayne Goins
HOME… COOKIN!Wayne Goins
Bluesin’ With The B3Wayne Goins
Standard FareWayne Goins
West Coast SwingWayne Goins
Smokin’ At The Oak BarWayne Goins

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+Artists Recording Collective – ARC Recording Label was founded in 2007 by professional recording artists who wanted a viable industry platform and a “safe” place to document their work. The label began with one release featuring 3 artists.

+ARC is a nonprofit program that takes no money from its artists and serves as a permanent front catalog archive.

+ARC is a GS1 company brand and GLN legal entity that’s established a positive reputation for quality music globally.

+ARC releases are reviewed in all of the top publications.

+ARC is celebrating “15 Years of Excellence.”

+Our model is constructed to provide a platform for recording artists, the ARC GS1 CATALOG, and promote the “collective” of individual artist brands for the long-term historical benefit of all.

+Today ARC’s catalog is over 100 releases featuring over 400 artists.

+ARC is progressive and unique. There’s no other modern era or 21st-century record label doing what we do today. That’s cool.

+ARC is Jazz music’s first true “brand collective.”