King of Xhosa is Now Available

Promo Release Courtesy of Lydia Liebman Promotions HAPPY RELEASE DAY TO Jeff ‘Siege’ Siegel! His album “King of Xhosa” comes out TODAY on Artists Recording Collective LLC. On the Jeff Siegel Quartet’s third studio recording, the stalwart drummer merges his high energy, straight ahead post-bop with the deeply spiritual stylings of trumpet master Feya Faku to […]

Echoes of Europe is Now Available

JANUARY 2, 2017 RELEASE – Get music from the new CD “Echoes of Europe” (ARC-2680) by Dino Massa Kansas City Quintet out on the ARC label at DiskUnion stores in Japan, Amazon, Amazon MP3, Apple iTunes, CD Baby, Google Music Store, Shazam, Sound Exchange, and several other top retail outlets. Visit Echoes of Europe […]

5 ARC projects for holiday lists …

1. DOWNBEAT TOP RECORDINGS OF 2016 Congratulations to ARC’s Alchemy Sound Project (David Arend, Erica Lindsay, Sumi Tonooka, Samantha Boshnack and Salim Washington). ARC offices were notified by the band’s publicist that their debut release “Further Explorations” (ARC-2666) was named among DownBeat magazine’s top recordings of 2016! Visit the ARC Catalog and Shop at […]

Siegel To Release New Album “King of Xhosa” 1/17/17

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT FROM LYDIA LIEBMAN PROMOTIONS Jeff “Siege” Siegel To Release New Album “King of Xhosa” 1/17/17 Featuring South African Trumpeter Feya Faku “Jeff’s musicality is incredible. He is so tasty as a percussionist and he has become a fine composer/arranger.” – NEA Jazz Master Jimmy Heath Artist Recording Collective (ARC) is proud to announce the […]

Bay Area Pianist, James Armstrong joins ARC

We are pleased to welcome the brilliant progressive jazz pianist, arranger and composer, James Armstrong to our roster! His latest recording was released via OTR Studios and is titled Dreams (listen here). We look forward to working with James on upcoming releases. ABOUT James Armstrong has explored concurrent paths in improvisation and modern classical music […]

Midwest Record reviews Echoes of Europe

The very first review of “Echoes of Europe” (ARC-2680) by Dino Massa Kansas City Quintet is published online at Midwest Record on October 31, 2016. Read it HERE.

October 2016 Japan Release: “Echoes of Europe” (ARC-2680)

Distribution in Japan “Echoes of Europe” (ARC-2680) has now been released in Japan at DiskUnion Stores. This is ahead of the January 2, 2017 USA and worldwide release date at Amazon, where pre-order sales are available. Purchase at DiskUnion Purchase at DiskUnion online – HERE! Comments and Quotes “I really like your album and I […]

Saxophonist Michael Todd: Rain On Us

*Preview the new soon to be released single on the ARC label at Saxophonist Michael Todd is releasing several singles from his forthcoming full album. Stay tuned and be blessed. Rain On Us (ARC-2727) by Michael Todd   # # #      

Dan Arcamone: New Recordings and Sheet Music

Evolve (2016) ARC-2703 Dan Arcamone (guitar) Sean Nowell (tenor saxophone & effects) Henry Lugo (bass) Kenny Grohowski (drums) – – – In Colors (2016) ARC-2697 Originally released in 2012. Remastered and re-released in 2016 Dan Arcamone (guitar) Mark Small (tenor saxophone) Jen Allen (electric piano) Rich Zurkowski (bass) Thierry Arpino (drums) *Sound samples and downloads of […]