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For You

by Ron Carlson

A guitarist and flutist, ARC’s Ron Carlson assembled a collaboration among New York and Kansas City musicians featuring Diana Herold, Grisha Alexiev, Greg Clinkingbeard and vocalist Jennifer White performing jazz standards and original compositions dedicated to the memory of Diane Carlson. Preview the recording at CD Baby.


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James Armstrong – Ruminations Interview

“You hear me walking into the studio, and sitting down at the C9. We went straight into the long take after that.” – JA

ARC: How long did you prepare for “Ruminations” before going into Fantasy Studios to record?

JA: About 3 1/2 months practice going into the“Ruminations” session, concurrent with the day teaching job.

ARC: We’ve posted your warm-up track that’s included with your release, along with this interview. It’s a healthy 5:41 in length. However, the formal recording you have released on the ARC label of “Ruminations” is an extended improvised work of over an hour, correct?

JA: Yes, the central (“Ruminations”) performance clocks in at just over an hour. There were no splices. Alberto described sessions replete with outtakes and overdubs.

ARC: To undertake any solo instrumental recording as a producer is a venture of daring and it takes a great deal of artistic courage to prepare such a project. Especially, within the context of the creative improvised music realm.

JA: I take the position that a performance will never be “perfect“. However, with consistent practice, it will be successful.

ARC: When will “Ruminations” be available to the public?

JA: I’m targeting a release date on or about September 22.

LISTEN: “Ruminations” Warm Up

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Fantasy Recording Studios will be closing effective September 15th, 2018.

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ARC’s James Armstrong concluded the “Ruminations” recording session at Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, California, July 1, 2018.

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