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Live Concert Combines Live Webcast June 6


Live Concert Combines Live Webcast June 6

Kansas City USA – The Westport Coffeehouse Theater will be the venue location for a live concert performance by the Christopher Burnett Quartet with special guest, Michael Jefry Stevens at 7 p.m. – 9:30 p.m., June 6.

Tickets are $10 at the door for local audiences and $5 to watch the live webcast online from anywhere around the world.

The live webcast of the concert will begin at 7 p.m. using the Concert Window platform at this link

About the event:

Emcee and event producer, Toni Gates will serve as host of the live concert which will feature a program of original compositions by both, Mr. Stevens and Mr. Burnett. The music will be performed by jazz quintet, and selections selected from the following original works:

• Analog Networking (Burnett)
• Breeze (Stevens)
• Dance (Stevens)
• Hauptbahnhof (Burnett)
• Movements (Burnett)
• Only Love (Stevens)
• Parallel Lines (Stevens)
• Perspectives (Burnett)
• Point of View (Stevens)
• The Moffett Family (Stevens)
• The River Po (Stevens)
• Tina Ballerina (Stevens)
• Today This Moment (Stevens)
• Trinity (Stevens)
• What About The Future?

CD Recordings will be available at the ticket table. And, all music is available at the major digital music stores like Apple Music, iTunes, CD Baby, and Amazon. Several compositions will be debut performances.

About the artists:

Pianist, Composer and “Steinway Artist,” Michael Jefry Stevens has released over 80 CDs and composed over 340 works for both large and small ensembles. An active bandleader for over 40 years, his current working musical ensembles include the “Conference Call Quartet,” the “Fonda/Stevens Group,” “Eastern Boundary Quartet,” his collaboration with New Orleans horn man, Brian “Breeze” Cayolle and “Trio Generations” featuring saxophonist Oliver Lake.

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Burnett (Selmer Saxophone Artist), guitarist Charles Gatschet, bassist Andrew W. Stinson, and percussionist Clarence Smith are members of Christopher Burnett’s guitar quartet. The quartet also forms the basis of an international ensemble, The Dino Massa Kansas City Quintet, whose critically acclaimed debut release titled “Echoes of Europe” is available worldwide via the Kansas City-based ARC label. Christopher Burnett’s ensembles have performed at the top venues in Kansas City, and the quartet is also scheduled to perform at the 28th Annual Roots Festival in Paola, Kansas on Aug. 26.

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About the venue:

Westport Coffeehouse opened in 1996 and is a full-service coffeehouse with an exceptional “black box” theatre. Also known as an oasis in the middle of Westport” “Entertainment District,” amenities and attractions include high-speed Internet, theater and comedy events, and live music performances in the Westport Coffeehouse Theater. Drinks are a specialty with choices ranging from smoothies to ice cream and of course exceptional coffees. Grilled panini sandwiches and baking “by Pam” add to the offerings.

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Event Details:

Westport Coffeehouse Theater and the
Artists Recording Collective label present

Christopher Burnett QUARTET

+ Michael Jefry Stevens


TUESDAY JUNE 6 / 7 P.M. + Video Recording

Westport Coffeehouse Theater
4010 Pennsylvania Avenue
Kansas City, Missouri 64111


$10 cover at the door
$5 webcast cover online


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Cost: Payment required – Christopher Burnett Quartet + Michael Jefry Stevens at Westport Coffeehouse Theater in KC – LIVE online show Tuesday, June 6th at 8:00 pm EDT 7:00 pm CDT. NOTICE: CONCERT WINDOW TICKETS ARE FOR THE LIVE STREAM ONLY. THE LIVE STREAM IS A WAY TO BE “AT THE CONCERT” NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE IN THE WORLD! JOIN US. WE WILL STREAM A SEGMENT OF THIS EVENT BEGINNING AT 7:00 PM CST.


+ Live Webcast Ticket $5 (pay online)

+ Live Concert $10 (pay at the door)

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Italian RAI3 Radio plays Dino Massa Kansas City Quintet

Battiti del 04/04/2017


o TKAY MAIDZA, Always Been, da “Tkay” – Kitsuné Musique

o DIE FØRM, No Kill, da “La dimensione umana” – Officina Fonografica Italiana cd OFI006

o KING AYISOBA, Dapagara (feat. Orlando Julius & Zenabu), da “1000 Can Die” – Glitterbeat GBCD 044

o MICHEL EDELIN, This Way Please, da “Kalamania” – Rogue Art ROG-0070

o COH, 132, da “Music Vol.” – Editions Mego 222

o COH, 2000 lieues, da “Music Vol.” – Editions Mego 222

o PĘKALA/KORDYLASINSKA, Vermont Counterpoint, da “Werke Für Schagzeug und elektroacustische Geräte” – Gagarin Records GR2037

o PĘKALA/KORDYLASINSKA, Modular#1, da “Werke Für Schagzeug und elektroacustische Geräte” – Gagarin Records GR2037

o JAAP BLONK, Aspera, da “August Ananke” – Kontrans 561

o VITTORIO MEZZA TRIO, Tammurriata nera, da “Napoli Jazz Songs” – Abeat Records ABJZ142

o CIRO RICCARDI, I marinai di Kronstadt, da “Racconti di vinile” – Alfa Music AFMCD190

o DINO MASSA KANSAS CITY QUINTET, Tarantella, da “Echoes Of Europe” – Artist Recording Collective ARC2680


BUY CD – Echoes of Europe (ARC-2680)

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ARC Spotlight Artists New Releases

JAM reviews Dino Massa Kansas City Quintet

Echoes of Europe (ARC-2680)

BUY CD – Echoes of Europe (ARC-2680)



Download a PDF of JAM

Click HERE to download the entire magazine in PDF

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Radio Arts Foundation show plays Echoes of Europe

SHOW: “Jazz Collective” HOST: Jason Church

Note from Jason

I got the CD in just enough time to get “Echoes” in for this Saturday night’s show!

I tagged the band’s FB page in the post, but just in case, here are the various ways that folks can listen in:

107.3 FM in St. Louis
96.3 HD-2 in St. Louis (Online and worldwide!)

The show airs from 9p – 11p (CST)



BUY CD – Echoes of Europe (ARC-2680)

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Echoes of Europe Production Team Thanks Kansas City Photographer

A big part of producing a recording is the team of creative geniuses who contribute their talents to the project.

All of the amazing professional photographs on this website and used within the graphic design layout for the compact disc product are the work of Kansas City based photographer, Duane Hallock.

As you see, his work is brilliant and evocative. When we saw his photographs, we knew they’d be a perfect match for the musical aesthetic of the Dino Massa Kansas City Quintet debut recording, “Echoes of Europe” (ARC-2680).

We are honored that he was willing to let us use his work in this context.

We are further honored by Duane’s esteem in the remarks he posted upon receiving his personal copy of the disc.

See below …

~ The EoE Team




Duane writes …

“My morning commute was smooth and mellow as I listened to the jazz of my friend Christopher Burnett. He is an alto saxophonist who collaborated with Dino Massa, from Naples, Italy to produce “Echoes of Europe.”

They met years ago when Christopher played in the official band of the Commander in Chief of the Allied Forces of Southern Europe. On his first night in Naples, Christopher found himself in a local jazz club gigging with, Massa. Now, years later, they have teamed up to produce this incredible album.

My small claim to fame is that Christopher was the very first person to buy photos off my new website. He used them in the design of the CD label, album cover, liner notes and promotional materials.”

~ feeling inspired.


My adventure with photography began in the fourth grade when I bought my first camera. Through the years, my hobby has allowed me to photograph presidents campaigning, volcanoes erupting and children being born.

In college I took photography classes, but was disappointed when we spent too much time talking about f-stops, film speeds and apertures. Important as those are, the mechanics of a camera will always be a means to an end. I wanted to learn more. I wanted to understand photography as a form of artistic expression.

Somewhere along the way, I lost my focus. Over the years my interest in photography waned, and I only shot the obligatory events like birthdays, graduations and family reunions.

Then, a life-changing event helped to transformed my relationship with photography. Several years ago, melanoma claimed the sight in my left eye. After undergoing very specialized treatments, I am now cancer-free. Yet the disease took its toll.

I hated being half-blind and it took time to adjust to my new reality. Slowly, however, something magical happened.

As my eyesight declined, my vision increased.

With the vision remaining in my one eye, I gradually began seeing things I’d never noticed before. I became more aware of the beautiful world around me. I began to realize that within the ordinary I could always find something extraordinary. Photography became a way for me to increase my awareness of the abundant beauty that had always surrounded me.

Now, as I share my pictures here online, my hope is that together we will see old things in new ways, that we will become more aware of the incredible beauty that is often hidden in plain sight, and that we will see the extraordinary embedded within the ordinary circumstances of everyday life.


ARC Spotlight Artists New Releases


Program Description – listen online

The episode No. 749 of “ANIMAJAZZ“, conceived and conducted by Bruno Pollacci , aired on Thursday 16 February at 19.30 Italian time (1:30 pm Kansas City time) on Puntoradio, also streamed over and instantly podcast on will open with the pianist and composer DINO MASSA with his “Kansas City Quintet” (Christopher Burnett, as, Charles Gatscher, g, Andrew W. Stinson, b, Clarence Smith, d / pc), from the CD “Echoes of Europe” we will listen to the same original composition that gives the title track (in the first photo on the left).

Italian Screen Capture

English Screen Capture

Recent Reviews

– – –

– – –

  • FROM SOUNDCONTEST (ITALY): “The exotic atmosphere of Notos (Christopher Burnett) is enchanting. The well-timed playing of Massa is adamant. Christopher Burnett ponders his improvisational speech with wisdom and elegance, seasoning it with some color…” ~ Stefano Dentice, SoundContest (Italy)

– – –

  • DRUM MAG (ITALY): “Five original compositions by Massa, plus two songs composed for the occasion by Burnett and trumpeter guest Marcus Hampton, for a album of contemporary jazz marked by a strong melodic vocation and a great formal elegance.” ~ Guido Bugatti, Drumset Mag no. 54, February 2017 (Italy)

– – –

  • FROM MIDWEST RECORD: DINO MASSA’S KANSAS CITY QUINTET/Echoes of Europe (ARC-2680) – “In which we find smoking contemporary jazz arising out of a chance meeting by players that wouldn’t have run into each other if not for being in the 1990 version of the NATO Jazz Band. Yeah that NATO, the political thing. The sparks flew and they never cooled off. Hooking up all these many years later, they play like this has been going on in New York for some time rather than Kansas City recently. Easy going jazz that isn’t easy listening, straight ahead ears will dig the proceedings. Well done throughout.” ~ Chris Spector, editor and publisher

– – –

– – –

  • FROM JAZZ WEEKLY: “Composer/arranger Dino Massa accomplishes much on a smaller scale. Christopher Burnett/as, Charles Gatschet/g, Andrew W. Stinson/b, Clarence Smith/dr for the core with Massa’s piano while guests including “Freda Proctor-Terri Anderson Burnett/fl, Marcus Hampton-Stanton Kessler/tp-fh veer in and out of the seven pieces like characters in an Agatha Christie novel. The pieces are well structured with a chamber feel, featuring soft and warm flutes floating on the Latin “Imagine” and fluffing with the flugelhorns on “Notos.” Massa’s piano and Gatschet’s guitar form a quiet interlude with Burnett’s sweet alto on “Echoes of Europe” and the lithe pulses of “Remembering” and “Paris” are rich water colors of sound. Like listening to Monet.” ~ George W. Harris




ARC Spotlight Artists New Releases





Echoes of Europe

Recording Artist Collective (ARC)

Poignant echoes of the Mediterranean set to music by Dino Massa, a pianist and composer from Naples. Massa, recorded his fifth album as a leader in Kansas City, Missouri, with the support of saxophonist Christopher Burnett, label owner, who met Massa in 1990 when Burnett was with the NATO Jazz Band and based in Naples. 

Twenty five years later, thanks to Facebook, the two find each other again. Massa is invited to the States for a series of performances with great musicians at venues in the Kansas City area.

Encouraged by the positive feedback they received from these performances, Massa came back to Missouri in April 2016 to record his music in the company of Burnett, guitarist Charles Gatschet, bassist Andrew Stinson and drummer Clarence Smith (plus a few guests on flute and flugelhorn). 

Five original compositions by Massa, plus two songs composed for the occasion by Burnett and trumpeter guest Marcus Hampton, for an album of contemporary jazz marked by a strong melodic vocation and a great formal elegance.

~ Guido Bugatti, Drumset Mag no. 54, February 2017 (Italy)



Echoes of Europe

Artist Recording Collective (ARC)

Struggenti echi di Mediterraneo nella musica del pianista e compositore napoletano Dino Massa, che ha registrato il suo quinto album da leader in quel di Kansas City, nel Missouri, grazie anche al sostegno del sassofonista Christopher Burnett, proprietario dell’etichetta, incontrato da Massa nel 1990 quando Burnett era in forza alla NATO Jazz Band in quel di Napoli. 

25 anni dopo, grazie a Facebook, i due si ritrovano, Massa viene invitato a raggiungere gli States per una serie di esibizioni con ottimi musicisti dell’area di Kansas City.

Incoraggiato dai riscontri positivi ricevuti, nell’aprile 2016 Massa è di nuovo nel Missouri per registrare la sua musica in compagnia di Burnett, del chitarrista Charles Gatschet, del contrabbassista Andrew Stinson e del batterista Clarence Smith (più un paio di ospiti a flauto e flicorno). 

Cinque composizioni originali di Massa, più due brani composti per l’occasione da Burnett e dal trombettista ospite Marcus Hampton, per un album di jazz contemporaneo all’insegna di una forte vocazione melodica e di una grande eleganza formale.

~ Guido Bugatti, Drumset Mag n. 54, Febbraio 2017 (Italia)




ARC Spotlight Artists New Releases

REVIEW: Dino Massa Kansas City Quintet – Echoes of Europe By Raul da Gama

BUY CD – Echoes of Europe (ARC-2680)


  • The term: “…and just play” – music, of course – might not readily be associated with this disc by Dino Massa and his Kansas City Quintet but it ought to be as it is the spirit which has imbued the entire music on it. The words come at the end of a quote attributed to Charlie Parker which begins and ends thus: “Master your instrument, Master the music, and then forget all that bullshit and just play…” The words are so not only so admired by these musicians, it would seem, but appear to have been taken to heart in every nook and cranny of this music. The result: music that embodies old-fashioned swing in every tempo and time signature that it is played; no extraneous ornamentation, not a note, line or phrase out of place; everything in melody, harmony and rhythm pressed into the idiomatic cause of the music. No bullshit.
  • These are moments worth savouring, because discs documenting music as exquisite of form and function – in all its nudity – as this, on Echoes of Europe come along only very rarely.
  • “Refined” is an epithet that comes to mind and if that suggests a certain taciturn feel to the music, it is not entirely untrue. However, it is very much the music of adventure – the kind that comes from distant concentration and energy that derives from musicians feeling, rather than reading their way forward.
  • It is the association with instruments and players in fresh contexts; mashing up the permutations and altering the perspective between foreground (solo) and background (ensemble), and of the shifting spatial architecture of the music itself.
  • The two flutes written into “Tarantella” are one of the most alluring aspects of this crepuscular, brooding piece, placed strategically at the end of the recording. This wonderfully teasing and flirtatious melody is a perfect way to leave the air that rushes in to fill the void of silence at the music’s end with great expectation of what might come next from an association that includes Dino Massa and Christopher Burnett as well as any and all of the others on t his disc.

Raul da Gama

Based in Canada, Raul is a musician and an accomplished writer whose profound analysis is reinforced by his deep understanding of music, technically as well as historically.

READ ENTIRE REVIEW: Dino Massa Kansas City Quintet – Echoes of Europe By Raul da Gama