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New Release: Michael Jefry Stevens Octet

ARC is pleases to announce the release of a new recording by the Michael Jefry Stevens Octet!

“Live from Streamside” (ARC-2734)

Kiah Abendroth – Trumpet

Jason DeCristofaro – Vibraphone

Christian Howes – Violin

Wendy Jones – Vocals

Jason Moore – Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute

Zack Page – Bass

Just Watt – Drums

Michael Jefry Stevens – Piano, Composition

“Live from Streamside” (ARC-2734)

  1. When Winter Lilacs Bloom (words by Kathleen Sannwald)
  2. In The Garden
  3. Mantra #2
  4. Crow
  5. Little BIrd
  6. The Fall
  7. What About the Future
  8. Poland
  9. Rain
  10. The Money Thing

“Live from Streamside” (ARC-2734)

LABEL: Artists Recording Collective

VENUE: Live 2016 Concert from Streamside Concert Series featuring Mr. Stevens’ original music for 8 instruments.

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