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La Fabrica'son

ARC welcomes a new label member to our roster … the French label, « La Fabrica’Son » …

ABOUT … « La Fabrica’Son » Label!

The French association « La Fabrica’Son » decided to create a jazz label in 2014.

Only very good jazz music is allowed.

« La Fabrica’Son » is a collective of musicians that has acquired a true expertise and is unanimously recognized for production of jazz events for 15 years.

The model for the distribution of jazz music has been reinvented. « La Fabrica’Son » label also believes that it is important for jazz musicians to retain ownership of their own music. There isn’t jazz producer anymore. « La Fabrica’Son » believes that music CD format is not yet “dead technology”!


Shelter (2015)
Pierre de Trégomain Quartet


A ciel ouvert (2014)
Jean Claude Oleksiak Quartet



ABOUT … « Atlantico » the band!


Dave Schroeder : soprano saxophone, alto clarinet, harmonica, alto flute, compositions
Sébastien Paindestre : piano (Yamaha C7), compositions
Billy Drummond : drums (Gretsch)
Martin Wind : doublebass

“Atlantico” is full of joy and inspiration. From tune to tune, this collective quartet tells some beautiful stories about who they are and where they’ve been. I keep hitting the repeat button. Bravo!!!
Joe Lovano ( June 2015 )

Atlantico is a new band comprised of a famous French jazz pianist and a dream team of New York jazz musicians! Paindestre and Schroeder met in NYU Paris in 2012 during a recording TV show “jazz rendez-vous” where they played together for the first time. In 2014 Dave Schroeder invited Sébastien Paindestre to come to New-York and record this new project as co-leaders…

Martin Wind and Billy Drummond, both currently professor at NYU Steinhardt in New-York, joined the band.

The band recorded compositions by Sébastien Paindestre and Dave Schroeder.

Album “En rouge” released in France on the “La Fabrica’son label” in the USA on the “ARC” label and at “Disk Union” in Japan. (January 2016)

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