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King of Xhosa is Now Available

Promo Release Courtesy of Lydia Liebman Promotions

HAPPY RELEASE DAY TO Jeff ‘Siege’ Siegel!

His album “King of Xhosa” comes out TODAY on Artists Recording Collective LLC.

Jeff “Siege” Siegel

On the Jeff Siegel Quartet’s third studio recording, the stalwart drummer merges his high energy, straight ahead post-bop with the deeply spiritual stylings of trumpet master Feya Faku to produce a vibrant sonic tapestry of South African infused jazz. “King of Xhosa” brings together Siegel’s longstanding quartet comprised of saxophonist Erica Lindsay, pianist Francesca Tanksley, and bassist Rich Syracuse with percussionist Frederick D. Berryhill and trumpeter extraordinaire Feya Faku.

“King of Xhosa” will be celebrated at the Rosendale Cafe in Rosendale, New York on 1/21/17.


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