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Bay Area Pianist, James Armstrong joins ARC

We are pleased to welcome the brilliant progressive jazz pianist, arranger and composer, James Armstrong to our roster! His latest recording was released via OTR Studios and is titled Dreams (listen here). We look forward to working with James on upcoming releases.



James Armstrong has explored concurrent paths in improvisation and modern classical music since his 1979 graduation from the University of California, Santa Barbara. Past projects include trios, quartets, and inventions for small ensembles — volatile, labor-intensive music with a marked pantonal focus. Now working on original repertoire for solo performance.


“…He has a firm grasp of the sheer power of Monk, often slamming the keys to create a shattering dissonance…he understands the rhythmic complexities of Cecil Taylor and the intellectualism of Andrew Hill. He has used these strong influences to create a personal style, always saving room for the purity of his own fingers on the keys. It is through his touch, his feel for the instrument that he achieves his individual power…”

[ Stefan Zeniuk / Jazz Now Interactive ]

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