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The episode No. 749 of “ANIMAJAZZ“, conceived and conducted by Bruno Pollacci , aired on Thursday 16 February at 19.30 Italian time (1:30 pm Kansas City time) on Puntoradio, also streamed over and instantly podcast on will open with the pianist and composer DINO MASSA with his “Kansas City Quintet” (Christopher Burnett, as, Charles Gatscher, g, Andrew W. Stinson, b, Clarence Smith, d / pc), from the CD “Echoes of Europe” we will listen to the same original composition that gives the title track (in the first photo on the left).

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Recent Reviews

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  • FROM SOUNDCONTEST (ITALY): “The exotic atmosphere of Notos (Christopher Burnett) is enchanting. The well-timed playing of Massa is adamant. Christopher Burnett ponders his improvisational speech with wisdom and elegance, seasoning it with some color…” ~ Stefano Dentice, SoundContest (Italy)

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  • DRUM MAG (ITALY): “Five original compositions by Massa, plus two songs composed for the occasion by Burnett and trumpeter guest Marcus Hampton, for a album of contemporary jazz marked by a strong melodic vocation and a great formal elegance.” ~ Guido Bugatti, Drumset Mag no. 54, February 2017 (Italy)

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  • FROM MIDWEST RECORD: DINO MASSA’S KANSAS CITY QUINTET/Echoes of Europe (ARC-2680) – “In which we find smoking contemporary jazz arising out of a chance meeting by players that wouldn’t have run into each other if not for being in the 1990 version of the NATO Jazz Band. Yeah that NATO, the political thing. The sparks flew and they never cooled off. Hooking up all these many years later, they play like this has been going on in New York for some time rather than Kansas City recently. Easy going jazz that isn’t easy listening, straight ahead ears will dig the proceedings. Well done throughout.” ~ Chris Spector, editor and publisher

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  • FROM JAZZ WEEKLY: “Composer/arranger Dino Massa accomplishes much on a smaller scale. Christopher Burnett/as, Charles Gatschet/g, Andrew W. Stinson/b, Clarence Smith/dr for the core with Massa’s piano while guests including “Freda Proctor-Terri Anderson Burnett/fl, Marcus Hampton-Stanton Kessler/tp-fh veer in and out of the seven pieces like characters in an Agatha Christie novel. The pieces are well structured with a chamber feel, featuring soft and warm flutes floating on the Latin “Imagine” and fluffing with the flugelhorns on “Notos.” Massa’s piano and Gatschet’s guitar form a quiet interlude with Burnett’s sweet alto on “Echoes of Europe” and the lithe pulses of “Remembering” and “Paris” are rich water colors of sound. Like listening to Monet.” ~ George W. Harris




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