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NEW RELEASE by Ryan Anselmi – Movin’ On is a tribute to Junior Mance

“Ryan’s one of a kind. He has a voice of his own and
a musical sensibility that really excites a crowd.” — Junior Mance

“Anselmi blows with subtle tonal shadings that reveal
the player’s grace and insight into the composition ” — Downbeat

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Movin’ On (ARC-2758) is a tribute to blues and jazz legend, pianist Junior Mance.

Ryan and Junior toured and recorded together in the early 2000’s.

Ryan Anselmi and Company stir together a mix of many American musical
traditions that are sure to impress – and, if nothing else get you movin’.


released May 6, 2017, on the Artists Recording Collective label

Ryan Anselmi – Sax/Harmonica
Daniel Foose – Bass
Whitney Lockert – Guitar
David Caldwell-Mason – Keyboard
Jeff Barton – Drums
Steve Purcell – Aux. Perc
* Rich Polatchek – Trumpet on Jr. Walker, Movin’ On and Chicken
* Anthony Cavallo – Bass on Drown in my own tears and Blue Line Shuffle
* Dave Storaz – Keys on Dr. Foose, Thank you Junior Mance and Spanky’s