Program Description – listen online The episode No. 749 of “ANIMAJAZZ“, conceived and conducted by Bruno Pollacci , aired on Thursday 16 February at 19.30 Italian time (1:30 pm Kansas City time) on Puntoradio, also streamed over and instantly podcast on will open with the pianist and composer DINO MASSA with his “Kansas City Quintet” […]


//ENGLISH TRANSLATION// DINO MASSA KANSAS CITY QUINTET Echoes of Europe Recording Artist Collective (ARC) Poignant echoes of the Mediterranean set to music by Dino Massa, a pianist and composer from Naples. Massa, recorded his fifth album as a leader in Kansas City, Missouri, with the support of saxophonist Christopher Burnett, label owner, who met Massa […]

Ryan Anselmi joins ARC

ARC welcomes NYC-based woodwind artist and composer Ryan Anselmi to our roster. An alumni of Junior Mance, Ryan Anselmi is a multi-instrumental artist based in New York City. Known for his soulful saxophone musings, Ryan began performing at an early age and now plays regularly in and around New York City with The Gold Magnolias […]

REVIEW: Jeff Siegel Quartet – King of Xhosa By Raul da Gama

SELECTED QUOTES And while this may be his first recording connecting Siegel to the Xhosa, it is certainly imbued with the studied grace and nobility of Xhosa tonal language, reflected in the breathtaking use of pitch to inflect every stroke of the stick, brush and mallet on the resonating cymbal and fervent votive tattooed on […]

REVIEWS: “King of Xhosa” by Jeff ‘Siege’ Siegel Quartet

ARTISTS RECORDING COLLECTIVE JEFF SIEGEL QUARTET/King of Xhosa: A Woodstock jazzbo meets up with a South African jazzbo that just happened to be dropping by his neighborhood and the drummer leapt out of his chair with what he heard. An ensuing collaboration had to happen. With Siegel’s ears blown wide open, he may never hit […]

New Release: Michael Jefry Stevens Octet

ARC is pleases to announce the release of a new recording by the Michael Jefry Stevens Octet! Michael Jefry Stevens Octet “Live at Streamside” by Michael Jefry Stevens “Live from Streamside” (ARC-2734) CREDITS Kiah Abendroth – Trumpet Jason DeCristofaro – Vibraphone Christian Howes – Violin Wendy Jones – Vocals Jason Moore – Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute Zack […]

REVIEW: On This New Jazz Record, Kansas City And Italy Make Beautiful Music Together

Selected Quotes It’s an exceptionally graceful album that imbues mainstream jazz with the elegant sheen of classical chamber music. Massa is a post-bop pianist who’s clearly familiar with the work of seminal jazz pianists like Bud Powell and Art Tatum. Although his fluid improvisation on the title track is masterful, Massa emphasizes a different aspect […]

King of Xhosa is Now Available

Promo Release Courtesy of Lydia Liebman Promotions HAPPY RELEASE DAY TO Jeff ‘Siege’ Siegel! His album “King of Xhosa” comes out TODAY on Artists Recording Collective LLC. On the Jeff Siegel Quartet’s third studio recording, the stalwart drummer merges his high energy, straight ahead post-bop with the deeply spiritual stylings of trumpet master Feya Faku to […]

Echoes of Europe is Now Available

JANUARY 2, 2017 RELEASE – Get music from the new CD “Echoes of Europe” (ARC-2680) by Dino Massa Kansas City Quintet out on the ARC label at DiskUnion stores in Japan, Amazon, Amazon MP3, Apple iTunes, CD Baby, Google Music Store, Shazam, Sound Exchange, and several other top retail outlets. Visit Echoes of Europe […]