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Where to get ARC music? ARC music is available at all of the major retailers today. Artists utilize aggregate distributors, wholesalers, and their own private subscription services to bring their work to business customers and fans.



Alliance Entertainment is a top tier distributor of music, movies and consumer electronics. We proudly offer thousands of compact discs, vinyl LP records, DVDs, Blu-rays, video games, and a full line of complementary consumer electronics accessories.

With more than thirty years of distribution experience, Alliance Entertainment serves customers of every size, providing a robust suite of services to resellers and retailers worldwide. We help your business significantly reduce costs by streamlining purchasing efforts and providing essential seller

We streamline your overall purchasing experience, noticeably reducing the costs associated with administrating multiple vendor relationships.

Alliance Entertainment is your total One-Stop solution for all your entertainment product needs. As a solutions-based operation, Alliance Entertainment drives sales for your company with unparalleled selection and cost-efficient processing. Whether you are a brick and mortar store or a web retailer, we will help your business thrive.

Find ARC titles at www.AENT.com



CD Baby – We exist to give independent musicians like you the same advantages and reach that “signed” artists enjoy, without interfering with your creative vision or claiming ownership of your music. We’ve been helping artists sell music since 1998, and we’re proud to champion the efforts of hundreds of thousands of musicians around the world. With CD Baby, you’ll wield the power to reach the ears, hearts, and minds of listeners across the globe – without compromise. Sell and stream your music in 100+ digital stores and outlets. Plus worldwide CD and vinyl distribution.

CD Baby Employees Group Photo (Courtesy CDBaby.com)
Find ARC titles at CDBaby.com
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