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Dr. Arthur White joins ARC

ARC is pleased to welcome Dr. Arthur White to our great roster of recording artists and producers!


Dr. Arthur White is the director of jazz studies and associate professor of music at the University of Missouri. Dr. White conducts the Concert Jazz Band, which has risen to national prominence since his arrival at MU in 2009. Additionally, he directs the Creative Improvisation Ensemble and oversees the combo program. Dr. White also teaches courses in improvisation, pedagogy, arranging, composition, and administers the Undergraduate Jazz Certificate and Minor, and the Master of Music in Jazz Performance and Pedagogy.

White is the producer, chief arranger, director, and a saxophone soloist on each of the critically acclaimed recordings by the MU Concert Jazz Band. The sixth, Flying Colors (2016) feature two legends of modern jazz: Randy Brecker and Mike Mainieri. MU jazz ensembles under Dr. White’s direction have been selected to perform at the 2012 and 2014 international conferences for the Jazz Education Network, 2011 and 2012 conferences for the International Society for Improvised Music, and the 2012 Missouri Music Educators Association conference. White was selected as a 2011 Wakonse Teaching Fellow, and was nominated in 2014 for the Provost’s Outstanding Junior Faculty Research Award. White was selected as a research author for Teaching Music through Performance in Jazz, Vol. 2, which was published by GIA Publications in December 2015.

Prior to his appointment at MU, Dr. White was the director of jazz studies at Northeastern State University (OK). During his tenure at NSU, Dr. White produced five critically acclaimed CDs with the NSU Jazz Ensemble; two of those recordings were named as Blue Chip Award winners by Jazz Education Journal, signifying the recordings as among the 10 best in college jazz recordings. NSU named Dr. White as a Centurion, signifying him as one of the 100 most influential people in the university’s history. He was also named the 2007 Oklahoma Jazz Educator of the Year by the Oklahoma Jazz Educators Alliance.

with Bobby Watson in the studio
with Bobby Watson in the studio

Ensembles under White’s direction have recorded with a veritable Who’s Who in modern jazz: Bobby Watson, Russell Malone, Henry Johnson, Scott Wendholt, Robin Eubanks, Mike Mainieri, Mike Metheny, Byron Stripling, Bob Sheppard, Sean Jones, and Jimmy Greene. White has also been fortunate to record CDs with legendary trombonist Fred Wesley, Chris Murrell (vocalist with Count Basie), and jazz legend Dewey Redman. White is planning his debut as a solo artist and band leader in the spring of 2015, featuring members of Kansas City’s Mike Pagan Big Band and St. Louis’s Dave Dickey Big Band, two ensembles of which White is a full-time member.

White is also in demand as an arranger; he has written music for jazz luminaries James Carter, John Clayton, Mike Mainieri, Peter Erskine, Eric Person, Mulgrew Miller, Kevin Mahogany, Henry Johnson, Dewey Redman, Scott Wendholt, Bobby Watson, Bob Mintzer, Robin Eubanks, Kathy Kosins, Paul Hanson, Russell Malone, Bob Sheppard, Andy Narell, and Randy Brecker. Dr. White’s arrangements are published through Second Floor Music, and distributed through

Recently, Dr. White has been an invited performer at conferences for the North American Saxophone Alliance, International Society for Improvised Music, Oklahoma and Missouri Music Educators Association, and Jazz Education Network. He has performed with hundreds of nationally acclaimed jazz, pop, and country artists, and his arrangements and original compositions have been performed by high school and college jazz ensembles throughout the country. White is also active as a clinician with high school and college bands, and as an adjudicator at jazz festivals throughout the United States.

with Randy Brecker, trumpet, Paul Scea, flute, and Thomas taylor, drums, NSU Jazz Lab. Photo by Aaron Moore
with Randy Brecker, trumpet, Paul Scea, flute, and Thomas Taylor, drums, NSU Jazz Lab. Photo by Aaron Moore

Originally from Kansas, Dr. White received the Bachelor of Arts in Music from Emporia State University, the Master of Music in Jazz Pedagogy from West Virginia University, and the Doctor of Musical Arts in Saxophone Performance from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. His dissertation is an examination of the harmonic improvisation style of the great jazz saxophonist Joe Henderson. He is an EASTMAN saxophone artist, and the president-elect of the Missouri Association for Jazz Education.

Arthur lives in Columbia, Missouri with his beautiful wife, Megan, their amazing son, Sam, and their awesome dog, Lily.

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Artists Recording Collective (ARC) label titles are reviewed by the top national and international publications like Down Beat magazine, Jazz Times magazine, and Jazziz. And, at major digital portals like  This page presents recent reviews and archived 25 reviews posted at All About Jazz.

Alchemy Sound Project: Further Explorations

courtesy of

Alchemy Sound Project: Further ExplorationsThe collective, Alchemy Sound Project, is a core quintet of composers and musicians whose compositions, on their debut album, Further Explorations cross over a foundation of chamber music with traditional jazz. The central players had united under the banner of the Jazz Composers Orchestra Institute prior to this project. With diverse interests in global influences as well as backgrounds in a multitude of musical mediums, their challenge was to create jazz influenced by classical principles, a bit of a reverse process from the conventional approach.

Saxophonist Erica Lindsay, who performs with the Oliver Lake Big Band, also co-leads a quartet with Alchemy Sound Project pianist Sumi Tonooka, a group that includes bassist Rufus Reid. Tonooka, whose accomplishments include a residency with The South Dakota Symphony Orchestra, drew considerable attention for her solo release Now (Artists Recording Collective, 2012). Multi-reed player Salim Washington was a member of Fred Ho‘s Afro-Asian Music Ensemble and a founding member of the activist group, The Eco-Music Big Band. Bassist David Arend works across multiple genres and has performed with artists that run the gamut from the San Francisco Symphony to Carlos Santana. Trumpeter Samantha Boshnack leads multiple groups and has played with Wayne Horvitzin the Washington Composers Orchestra. Not regular members of Alchemy Sound Project, trombonist Willem de Koch and drummer Max Wood join in on Further Explorations.

“Charcoal, Clear, Beautiful All Over” opens a ten piece collection prevalent with opulent yet understated expressions. The title track takes a more avant-garde approach but no less rich in atmosphere. Tonooka, Lindsay and Washington, in particular, build on the traditional lexicons of their respective instruments to keep the music from settling too long in one place. Following its stately opening, “Alchemical” provides a launch pad for some adventurous improvising from Tonooka and Lindsay before returning to a variation on the opening theme. More overtly jazz-oriented, “Waiting” and “Beta” have moments of wilder abandon while “Archetype” builds to boil and “Joie De Vivre” is as exuberant as its name implies.

Further Explorations is an excellent debut from a talented group of composers and players. The goal of jazz/chamber integration is well balanced, primarily because this group has evident passion for rendering their individual and collective contributions to that organic end point. The invention, tonal shading and occasional raucousness on this album give it a warm glow and a sense of fun.

Track Listing: Charcoal, Clear, Beautiful All Over; Further Explorations; Alchemical; Waiting; Beta; Her Name Is Love; Archetype; Divergency; Joie De Vivre; The Call.Personnel: Erica Lindsay: saxophone; Sumi Tonooka: piano; Salim Washington: saxophone, oboe, flute, bass clarinet; David Arend: bass; Samantha Boshnack: trumpet; Willem de Koch: trombone; Max Wood: drums.

Year Released: 2016 | Record Label: Artists Recording Collective

25 Archived Reviews

The Ottawa SessionsMichael Pagan, Bob Bowman, Brian Steever
The Ottawa Sessions (December 08, 2015)


RoninB.J. Jansen
Ronin (March 17, 2014)


NOW: Solo Live at the Howland Cultural CenterSumi Tonooka
NOW: Solo Live at the Howland Cultural Center (July 16, 2012)


NowSumi Tonooka
Now (June 19, 2012)


ConfluenceKeith Pray
Confluence (June 18, 2012)


ConfluenceKeith Pray
Confluence (May 29, 2012)


She Do What She DoThe Uptown Jazz Collective
She Do What She Do (April 23, 2011)


She Do What She DoThe Uptown Jazz Collective
She Do What She Do (March 30, 2011)


Live At Art Gallery ReutlingenLee Shaw Trio
Live At Art Gallery Reutlingen (March 08, 2011)


Together Again: Live At The EggJohn Medeski & Lee Shaw
Together Again: Live At The Egg (February 15, 2011)


Live @ Duc des LombardsSebastien Paindestre
Live @ Duc des Lombards (October 05, 2010)


InitiationErica Lindsay / Sumi Tonooka
Initiation (June 15, 2010)


Motherless ChildJohn Blake Jr.
Motherless Child (April 08, 2010)


InitiationErica Lindsay and Sumi Tonooka
Initiation (February 12, 2010)


InitiationErica Lindsay / Sumi Tonooka
Initiation (February 05, 2010)


InitiationErica Lindsay / Sumi Tonooka
Initiation (January 23, 2010)


InitiationErica Lindsay / Sumi Tonooka
Initiation (January 11, 2010)


BlossomLee Shaw Trio
Blossom (November 04, 2009)


Live in EuropeJeff “Siege” Siegel
Live in Europe (August 02, 2009)


Long Ago TodaySumi Tonooka
Long Ago Today (February 25, 2009)


Live in GrazLee Shaw Trio
Live in Graz (January 01, 2009)


Lee Shaw Trio: Live in GrazLee Shaw
Lee Shaw Trio: Live in Graz (November 07, 2008)


Long Ago TodaySumi Tonooka Trio
Long Ago Today (July 05, 2008)


Long Ago TodaySumi Tonooka
Long Ago Today (May 25, 2008)


Long Ago TodaySumi Tonooka Trio
Long Ago Today (May 12, 2008)


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New Releases!

Alchemy Sound Project

Announcing the release of jazz composer-performer collective Alchemy Sound Project’s debut recording Further Explorations!

Further Explorations
by Alchemy Sound Project
© Copyright – Alchemy Sound Project / Artists Recording Collective (893682002666)

This colorful, innovative sound evokes jazz with modern classical aspects. The music of these five composers can be thoughtful, atmospheric, meditative, soulful, progressive, bold, experimental.

Genre: Jazz: Progressive Jazz
Release Date: 2016

– – –
Album Notes 

Alchemy Sound Project‘s release Further Explorations presents innovative compositions and virtuoso performances by five jazz composer-performers, each a highly advanced improviser in their own right. The synergy of this collective, enhanced by two guest performers, produces music that is fascinating, raw and honest.

While the group’s configuration and roots serve as a continuation of the jazz tradition, the members also compose orchestral works, film scores, chamber music and solo pieces for various ensembles and projects across the Americas, Africa, Europe and Asia. Music education, support for the arts and expansion of cultural self-awareness and empowerment are important themes for this group.

Charcoal, Clear, Beautiful All Over – The title is a translation of the Japanese word “Sumi” and as such is a fitting tribute to A.S.P. pianist Sumi Tonooka, composed by A.S.P. reed and wind player Salim Washington. Colorful and moody, this piece is one of the most evocative on the album.

Further Explorations – Intended to connote a journey of discovery that parallels the creative act, this richly-hued piece by Erica Lindsay explores the balance and necessary tension between the unknown and the known that exist within the creative mind.

Alchemical – Seeking to reference classical counterpoint and a sense of grandeur, this composition by Samantha Boshnack opens with a horn fanfare and quickly moves into a heavy groove, prompting intense solos from Tonooka and Lindsay.

Waiting – An intimate, plaintive and highly emotional expression of personal struggle penned by Sumi Tonooka, this piece runs the gamut from modern chamber music to swinging jazz.

Beta – Erica Lindsay’s second contribution to the album is groovy and angular. It carries the playful dodge-and-weave energy of the written lines into its solo sections.

Her Name Is Love – David Arend re-imagines elements from a solo piano piece by Czeck composer Leoš Janáček, contextualizing and re-harmonizing themes from that much earlier work, written here for jazz ensemble (minus piano).

Archetype – Referencing Jungian philosophical aspects of alchemy and archetype, this swinging piece by David Arend evokes the traditional jazz big band style.

Divergency – Samantha Boshnack sets up a tension between light and dark in this progressive composition, the title referring to a mashup of diversity and urgency. An introspective trumpet solo emerges from the interplay of melodies and rhythm in the theme.

Joie de Vivre – Sumi Tonooka’s optimistic composition is a playful romp combining her love of Malian music and the contrapuntal approach of composers such as J.S. Bach.

The Call – Salim Washington wrote this piece in tribute to Solodeen Muhammad, one of the hipsters of his father’s generation. It attempts to channel the energy that this streetwise, musically savvy father figure passed on to Salim.

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Toni Gates

This Woman
by Toni Gates
© Copyright – Toni Gates / Artists Recording Collective (893682002345)

This new album features seven original compositions and six arrangements all rooted in the female perspective.

Genre: Pop: New Romantic
Release Date: 2016

Album Notes

When you are tasked with the privilege of writing liner notes it’s important to consider the persons involved. Toni Gates is a longtime friend. She is the bringer of light and goodness. She’s also no stranger to the trials and tribulations that life has to offer, and therefore, like most of us, a complex person. The rich tapestry that is Toni is reflected in her music, which becomes a treat for the lucky listener.

There is innocence residing beside power, savvy and wisdom. There is joy with pain, precision with soulfulness. There is the presence of pain, but also hope. Toni’s courage and honesty is compelling and allows her to wear her feelings on her sleeve; feelings that are universal, archetypal. All of these elements contribute to a thoroughly inspiring listen, one that will stay with you for quite some time.

On this recording Toni has established herself as a formidable song writer. Her songs contain haunting melodies and profound lyrics; resonating on a universal level. The tunes are strong and evocative. There’s plenty of variety and mood shifting, and she shows off her versatility and depth in the choices she makes. For instance, you travel from the melancholy of “When I Look at You” to the optimism of “Movin'” in a flash. Take the sensitivity of “That’s What She’ll Say” then move to the upbeat sound of “Move Me.” And then you are confronted with the plaintive cry of “Motherless.” You will not find a rut in this array of compositions. Toni also shows her off her fearlessness in her unlikely choices of arrangements, with some surprising picks, such as “Eleanor Rigby” and one of my favorites, “Happy Together,” by The Turtles.

The songs are presented with a refreshing absence of overproduction; simply and clearly. It is a bare bones approach which allows the truth to shine through without clutter. There is no waste, just the essence of what it is to be human. And did I mention that Toni is also the consummate musician, playing piano on all but four tracks with bravado and conviction? It should come as no surprise that she wisely hand picked the band that appears on the rest of the songs. She has assembled some of the finest musicians ever to grace a stage in Kansas City. These players are sensitive, giving people, always willing to set their egos aside for the greater good. They are devoted to play what is appropriate in every case in the most passionate manner. These cats have really nailed the spirit of the songs and their composers’ intent.

Ultimately, what you have here is a musical portrait of a great lady. It was my honor and pleasure to make a small contribution to this wonderful project. I’m confident you will agree that Toni Gates is a force to be reckoned with and that she has created something beautiful that will stand the test of time.


Stanton Kessler, Kansas City (2016)

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Massa Returns to KC


Maestro Italian jazz pianist and friend, Dino Massa will be visiting us in Kansas City again this year during April 2016. Both, Massa and ARC co-founder, Christopher Burnett have written new music for this second reunion. The primary purpose of the visit this year is to rehearse the new music and go into the studio to record it, states Burnett.

The primary purpose of the visit this year is to rehearse the new music and go into the studio to record it, states Burnett.



In addition to co-leaders, Massa and Burnett, the ensemble consists of Clarence Smith (drums), Andrew W. Stinson (bass) and Charles Gatschet (guitar). Several of the planned arrangements will feature stellar musical guests Marcus Hampton (trumpet/flugelhorn), Stanton Kessler (trumpet/flugelhorn), Freda Proctor (flute) and Terri Anderson Burnett (flute).



The music will be recorded at CR Sound in midtown Kansas City with Craig Rettmer as mixing and mastering engineer. Rettmer recorded Burnett’s latest music for his upcoming “Firebird” album, which some singles are now available at places like iTunes, Amazon, etc.



The quintet will perform at The Art Factory, which will likely only be two seatings on that single night, so please make plans now. “We are extremely excited to have this group perform at The Art Factory“, states Jeremey Kirby. “There will be lots of promotion and ticket sales will be available on our website soon!”, he concluded.

We are extremely excited to have this group perform at The Art Factory, states Jeremey Kirby.



VIDEO: “Paris” by Dino Massa Quartet
(from Storie di altri luoghi, LA.M.P. editions, 2010)

VIDEO: “A Risk I Take” by Christopher Burnett Quartet
(from “Firebird” CD, ARC label, full release pending, single released 2014)

The recording produced will be released worldwide on the Artists Recording Collective (ARC) label … stay tuned to

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ARC’s Jansen signs management deal


Baritone Sax Artist, B.J. Jansen, newly signed with Onpoint Management, appears January 2016 at (JEN) Jazz Educators Network, (APAP) Association of Performing Arts Presenters and (NAMM) National Association of Music Merchants.


Important Appearance Dates

Wednesday, January 6th, 2016 at 12:17pm
JEN Conference – Louisville, KY

Presentation of Modern Marketing and Branding Basics for Jazz Artists
More Info:

Saturday, January 16th, 2016 at 7:19pm
APAP Conference – NYC, NY

Free APAP Showcase at Nabe Harlem
2367 Fredrick Douglas- Entrance on 127 St (follow the red gate downstairs), New York, New York 10027
More Info:

Saturday, January 23rd, 2016 at 1:17pm
NAMM Conference – Anaheim, CA

Meet and Greet with Yanagisawa Artist, B.J. Jansen at Conn-Selmer Booth# 4600 (Hall C)
More Info:


“Baritone saxophonist, (B.J.) Jansen… hovers in a tasteful, straight-ahead swing… works a range of masterfully rounded tones.” – Downbeat Magazine

“Rising Jazz Star”– Andy Hardy, Jazz Host on George Jazz FM, New Zealand

“Up-And-Coming and Soon-To-Be, Jazz Legend” – WQLN 91.3 FM

“A Soldier For Jazz” – Ty Bailey, Host of “Just Jazz” Radio Show on WVST FM

“This CD is the essence of Hard Bop!” – Disk Union – Tokyo, Japan

“BJ Jansen & Conjura are just the ticket for a smoking… night.” – Philadelphia Weekly

” — shades of Blue Note, indeed!” – Washington Post


About B.J. Jansen (

B.J. Jansen, born January 3rd 1981 in Cincinnati, has established himself as a charismatic and dynamic performer, composer, bandleader and educator on and off the stage. B.J.’s journey in music began at age 10 when his father bought him an Alto Saxophone and gave him recordings of Gerry Mulligan and Charlie Parker. He later found his true voice on the Baritone Saxophone while performing in various college ensembles.

His musical journey took him from the Midwest to the East Coast when he relocated to Philadelphia in 2004. It was in Philadelphia that he found the, “heart beat”, of Jazz. He spent three years learning on the streets of Philadelphia before relocating yet again to New York City in 2007.

In New York City, B.J. has had the opportunity to learn from and perform with some of the greatest living musicians today. He continues to forge his own artistic path on the hallowed grounds of Jazz in New York. He has recorded multiple albums as a leader and led ensembles in many of the most respected Jazz venues in the City.

The life-long study of Music has taught B.J. many lessons about art and life. Realizing the importance of giving back, B.J. hopes to continue to form alliances to improve the lives of people through music.

B.J. holds an MBA in Music Management from the William Paterson University of New Jersey and a BA in Jazz Studies from the University of Louisville, School of Music.

In February of 2010, B.J. joined the Artists Recording Collective (ARC) label. As of 2012, B.J. Jansen also became an Endorsing Artist for Yanagisawa Saxophones of Japan and Harry Hartmann’s Fiberreed of Germany.


Founded in 2005, Onpoint Management is a Music and Entertainment company with the principal business being focused on artist management.

Management Contact:
Tippi Younger – Onpoint Management
Phone: 914.413.4277
Twitter: @onpointmanage

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Alchemy Sound Project

Alchemy Sound Project

Artists Recording Collective (ARC) is pleased to welcome the progressive ensemble, Alchemy Sound Project to our roster of stellar record producers.

About Alchemy Sound Project

Alchemy Sound Project is a collective of composer/performers whose music is a synthesis of jazz and modern chamber music. While the group’s configuration and roots serve as a continuation of the jazz tradition, the members also compose orchestral works, film scores, chamber music and solo pieces for various ensembles and projects across the Americas, Africa, Europe and Asia. Music education, support for the arts and expansion of cultural self-awareness and empowerment are important themes for this group.

Alchemy Sound Project Bios

Alchemy Sound Project features …

Erica Lindsay

Tenor and soprano saxophonist Erica Lindsay is an Artist-in-Residence at Bard College, NY where she teaches jazz music theory, arranging and composition. Lindsay performs with numerous ensembles at Bard, often featuring her own compositions and arrangements. The Da Capo Chamber Players performed Erica’s chamber work Further Explorations in 2015.
Erica has performed and recorded with such artists as Bob Braye, Rufus Reid, Lewis Nash, Baikida Carroll, Oliver Lake, Pheeroan akLaff, Art Blakey Jazz Messengers (with Jimmy Cobb), Howard Johnson, Frank Zappa, Melba Liston, McCoy Tyner and Clifford Jordon among many others.
Lindsay’s orchestral piece Inner Dialogue was read by the American Composers Orchestra in 2011. Her piece for drum set and orchestra, Mantra, was performed by the Detroit Symphony Orchestra in 2014.
[See more at artist website]

Sumi Tonooka

In addition to symphonic, chamber works and jazz compositions, pianist Sumi Tonooka has composed over twenty film scores, including the Academy Award-nominated Family Gathering by Lise Yasui and Daring To Resist by Martha Lubell. Her most recent film score is a 2014 documentary on jazz great Mary Lou Williams, Lady Who Swings the Band by Carol Bash.
Sumi recently received the Music Alive: New Partnerships residency with The South Dakota Symphony Orchestra through New Music USA to take place in November 2015. The residency will culminate with a premiere of her symphonic work Full Circle and a new work for woodwind quintet.
[See more at artist website]

Salim Washington

Multi-instrumentalist Salim Washington is a Professor of Music at the University of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa where he teaches jazz music theory, arranging and composition. Washington held a tenured professorship at Brooklyn College, NY before making the move to Durban. He felt drawn by South Africa’s complex political evolution and is highly active in promoting broader African social and political issues. The presence of strong jazz musicians in South Africa is the icing on the cake.
Washington has worked with jazz visionaries such as Fred Ho, with whom Salim played in contexts such as the Afro-Asian Music Ensemble. In 2012 they started the Scientific Soul Sessions, described by Salim as “a collective for revolutionaries to build a soulful and scientific community.” Washington is renowned for his use of art to inform politics and vice versa.
[See more at artist website]

David Arend

Double bassist David Arend is a freelance artist who moves easily across classical, jazz, electronic, avant garde and singer/songwriter contexts. A longtime member of the Oakland Symphony, Arend has worked with the San Francisco Symphony, Carlos Santana, Bobby McFerrin, Ornette Coleman and George Crumb.
Arend’s compositions filter his broad influences into forms ranging from jazz, orchestral, chamber and solo works to electro-acoustic projects and collaboration with DJs. David premiered his Sequoia Sempervirens for double bass and orchestra with the San Francisco Academy Orchestra under Andrei Gorbatenko in 2010. David premiered his double concerto Voyager: Three Sheets to the Wind with Philharmonia Northwest under Julia Tai in 2013. Both pieces were recorded with the Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra (Czech Republic) for release by Navona Records/Naxos.
[See more at artist website]

Samantha Boshnack

Trumpeter Samantha Boshnack has helped to anchor the Seattle, WA modern jazz scene under a variety of guises. As a bandleader, Boshnack performs her compositions with B’Shnorkestra and the Samantha Boshnack Quintet, and as co-leader with Reptet.
As a collaborator, Boshnack has worked on a wide scope of projects with artists such as Butch Morris, Eyvind Kang, Oliver Lake, Los Campesinos, Bobby Previte, David Byrne, Terry Riley, Stuart Dempster, Skerik and Wayne Horvitz.
A featured artist in the Frye Art Museum’s Moment Magnitude exhibit showcasing exceptional artistic practice in Seattle and one of 16 artists selected for an Artist Trust Fellowship, Boshnack was named Emerging Artist of the Year by Earshot Jazz in 2012.
[See more at artist website]

The debut recording by Alchemy Sound Project includes two special guests:

Willem de Koch


Max Wood


Alchemy Sound Project 2


Forthcoming Release Title and Description

Alchemy Sound Project – Further Explorations – AUDIO CD
– – –
ARC Catalog Number:
– – –
UPC-A: 893682002666
– – –
Track Listing and ISRC numbers

1. Charcoal, Clear, Beautiful All Over | ISRC#US7DZ1500901
2. Further Explorations | ISRC#US7DZ1500902
3. Alchemical | ISRC#US7DZ1500903
4. Waiting | ISRC#US7DZ1500904
5. Beta | ISRC#US7DZ1500905
6. Her Name Is Love | ISRC#US7DZ1500906
7. Archetype | ISRC#US7DZ1500907
8. Divergency | ISRC#US7DZ1500908
9. Joie de Vivre | ISRC#US7DZ1500909
10. The Call | ISRC#US7DZ1500910
– – –


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Dr. Lee Shaw

22ndpic LEE
On behalf of the cofounders of the Artists Recording Collective, it is with much sadness that ARC sends our deepest condolences upon receiving the news of the passing of the legendary jazz pianist, composer and educator – Dr. Lee Shaw. Lee’s legendary artistry and warm spirit will live on through her music and those whom she interacted with, influenced and taught. Also see – Lee Shaw “Google Search” for more articles and information about her.

Lee Shaw hero by Joe Putrock







Artists Recording Collective, LLC

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Ron Carlson Debut


Kind Folk is Guitarist Ron Carlson’s ARC Label Debut

RonSmilingBW-HDRKansas City based guitarist Ron Carlson assembles an all star jazz lineup featuring Grammy winner Bob Bowman, Rob Scheps, Roger Rosenberg, Brian Steever and vocalists Angela Hagenbach, Shay Estes and Kathleen Holeman on an exquisite music program dedicated to the memory of Kenny Wheeler and Charlie Haden.

The Kind Folk project is dedicated to Kenny Wheeler and Charlie Haden whose lives, compositions, performances and recordings have touched so many people throughout the world. The melodic tune “Kind Folk” by Kenny Wheeler is included as well as “First Song”, a moving ballad by Charlie Haden.

Album Notes


The Kind Folk project is dedicated to Kenny Wheeler and Charlie Haden whose lives, compositions, performances and recordings have touched so many people throughout the world. The melodic tune “Kind Folk” by Kenny Wheeler is included as well as “First Song”, a moving ballad by Charlie Haden.


One of the featured instrumentalists is the outstanding bassist Bob Bowman. He attended the renown North Texas Jazz program then went on to tour with the Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra, the Toshiko Akiyoshi/Lew Tabackin Big Band, Carmen McRae and has played with many jazz notables including Bud Shank, Freddie Hubbard, Karrin Allyson to name a few. Bob is an Adjunct Instructor of Music at the Conservatory of Music at the University of Missouri in Kansas City. Bob performs regularly at the Blue Room jazz club at the American Jazz Museum in Kansas City and travels nationally to teach and perform.


Rob Scheps is a gifted multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger, clinician and band leader. He entered the New England Conservatory at the age of 16 and graduated with Honors. Rob has performed and collaborated with music greats including John Abercrombie, Gil Evans, Mel Lewis, Bob Moses, Buddy Rich, Nancy King, Dianne Reeves, Sam Rivers, Greg Gisbert and many more. Rob has received multiple awards from Down Beat magazine. He has written and arranged many compositions for ensembles and big bands. Rob is very active in the New York area and tours regularly. He plays tenor and soprano saxophone and flute on Kind Folk.


Roger Rosenberg has been a top call baritone player on the New York scene for more than three decades. He studied at Indiana University, The New England Conservatory, as well as with Phil Woods and composer Harold Seletsky. He has worked with Tito Puente, Buddy Rich, Chet Baker, Lee Konitz, Janet Lawson, Miles Davis, Quincy Jones, John Scofield, Sarah Vaughn, Gerry Mulligan, Michael Brecker, The New York Philharmonic, Thad Jones and Mel Lewis, Bob Mintzer, Eddie Palmieri, David Lahm, Tom Scott, T.S. Monk and many more. Roger plays on Broadway, performs with his own quartet and tours regularly with Steely Dan. He is also an accomplished woodwind doubler and plays baritone saxophone and bass clarinet on Kind Folk.

Tracks include:

Soundtrack (J Abercrombie)
Bye Bye Country Boy (B Dearie / J Segal)
Kind Folk (K Wheeler)
First Song (C Haden)
A Felicidade (V De Moraes / A Salvet / AC Jobim)
Beatrice (S Rivers)
A Beautiful Friendship (S Styne / D Kahn)
J.S. (J Abercrombie)


Instrumentalists include Ron Carlson, Rob Scheps, Roger Rosenberg, Bob Bowman, Brian Steever and vocalists include Angela Hagenbach, Kathleen Holeman and Shay Estes.

Kind Folk was recorded at CR Sound in Kansas City, Missouri. Recording and mixing was led by Craig Rettmer.

The CD cover and booklet was designed by Ken Westphal. Kind Folk was produced by Ron Carlson and Rob Scheps.

Kind Folk
by Ron Carlson

© Copyright – Ron Carlson / Artists Recording Collective (893682002635)

Available at all fine retailers like: iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby and more.


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Festival Sponsorship


– – –
For the second year in a row, Artists Recording Collective (ARC) is proud to announce that our label has again teamed up with the American Jazz Museum as a media partner sponsor. In addition to a modest cash contribution, ARC has donated toward social media and marketing promotional efforts of the festival.

Last year, it was voted Kansas City’s favorite music festival by Visit KC’s Visitor’s Choice Awards. This year, Kansas City’s 18th & Vine Jazz and Blues Festival hopes to build off that momentum. The festival returns to the Jazz district Saturday, October 10th. It will feature artists with both headliners and local bands.



(All talent subject to change – Saturday, October 10, 2015



Sponsored by the City of Kansas City, Missouri


*2:00 – Metropolitan Jazz Workshop – Honors Combo

3:00pm – 4:15pm | POPA CHUBBY

*4:15 – Young Jazz Masters

5:00pm – 6:30pm | CONRAD HERWIG

*6:30 – Upper Room Combo

7:30pm – 9:00pm | DWELE

10:00pm – 11:30pm | THE FAMILY STONE

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Sponsored by Sprint & North Coast Brewing Company


3:00pm – 4:00pm |CHARLES WILLIAMS & GENRE

4:30pm – 5:30pm | STONE CUTTERS UNION

6:00pm – 7:00pm | IDA McBETH

8:00pm – 10:00pm | JO ANN DAUGHERTY TRIO




Sponsored by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City & Neighborhood Tourist Development Fund

11:00am – 12:00am | YOUTH MASTER CLASS


2:30pm – 3:30pm | JOHN PAUL & THE HELL HOUNDS

4:00pm – 5:00pm | LANGSTON

5:30pm – 6:30pm | SOCIETY RED

7:00pm – 8:00pm | CHARLOTTE EMBREY

8:30pm – 9:30pm | SHADES OF JADE




Sponsored by VisitKC & Downtown Council

Gem Theater Park Stage – Outside of Gem Theater



Kansas City’s 18th & Vine Jazz and Blues Festival will feature multiple stages with more than 22 artists or groups performing. In addition, fans can enjoy a food and arts court anchored by the top food, arts/crafts vendors in Kansas City, the Jazz Links Education Workshopsjazz film screeningspanel sessions, the Kidz Zone and several other activities.



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oct 4-10

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