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*A New Concept Music Label Brand & Business Model*

“Collectively, they continue to define a 21st Century model for a jazz record label. Collectively and individually, they are looking forward and breaking the seams of the traditional jazz box.”

Larry Kopitnik / Editor, Jazz Ambassador Magazine.

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  • ARC is an internationally established independent recording label based upon a new artist collective model of artist empowerment and ownership of their work.
  • ARC catalog contains over 100 releases with all titles available at all of the major retailers worldwide.
  • Over 370 artists appear on ARC recordings, including emerging talent and established noted names in music.

“Jazz’s First Brand Marketing Collective” …

See: All About Jazz article.


ARC RECORD LABEL releases are featured and reviewed by all of the major jazz publications, newspapers, journalists and blogs. Artists Recording Collective was first featured in a 2009 DownBeat magazine article:
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As featured in DownBeat – March 2009 Issue


Community Partnerships

ARC RECORD LABEL supports innovative jazz nonprofit organization programming between businesses to impact a variety of community and economic development goals.
The “ARC Student Jazz Jam Sessions” Program is a currently ongoing partnership initiative with 424 Lounge and sponsored by Frontier Community Credit Union. See JazzJam.us
In 2015 ARC partnered with the American Jazz Museum to develop the highly successful arts-centered program, “ARC LABEL WEEK IN THE BLUE ROOM.” See: BurnettMusicFoundation.org


“Long Ago Today” (ARC-2116)
by Sumi Tonooka

Tonooka, piano and compositions;
with Rufus Reid, bass; Bob Braye, drums

General Information + History

Artists Recording Collective (ARC) was co-founded on December 7, 2007 by alto saxophonist, CHRIS BURNETT; tenor saxophonist, ERICA LINDSAY; and, pianist, SUMI TONOOKA as a professional response to an inherent void within the music industry then. The LLC entity was established in 2009.

Specifically, the co-founders endeavored to create and maintain a modern recording label brand to serve as a platform to promote and release the projects and recordings produced by professional artists and composers.

Artists Recording Collective LLC is a featured program of Burnett Music Foundation, a nonprofit organization based in the greater Kansas City area.


ARC is an American recording label identity with no back catalog that emphasizes promoting and facilitating the distribution and licensed utilization of the works created by our artists. ARC brand management always ongoing.

Company Overview

ARTISTS RECORDING COLLECTIVE (ARC) is an American label brand that was co-founded by musician artists who were also among the very first pioneers employing viable uses of 21st Century technologies.

ARTISTS RECORDING COLLECTIVE (ARC) is a GS1 Partner Company licensed the globally unique GS1 Company Prefix number 0893682002 to create U.P.C. barcodes and other unique identifiers.

ARTISTS RECORDING COLLECTIVE (ARC) is a Kansas Limited Liability Company (LLC) in good-standing.


* A New Concept Music Label Brand & Business Model *

ARTISTS RECORDING COLLECTIVE (ARC) is an internationally recognized brand and professional recording label that emphasizes promoting and facilitating the distribution and utilization of the works created by our members. ARC provides a viable 21st Century Music Industry Platform for world-class talent!

Based in the Kansas City metropolitan area with its main office located in the northwest metro City of Leavenworth, Kansas, ARC serves artists who are record producers and boutique record labels in the form of a brand collective that is inherently a dynamic and multi-dimensional platform in a contextual environment that is not under compulsion or creative restraint.


Artists Recording Collective is
a Limited Liability Company.

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Business Organizational Systems,
Business Operational Algorithms
and Business Plans are
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All Rights Reserved.

Permission and Licensed Use
by Artists Recording Collective LLC
was granted 07 Dec 2007.


ARC music is available at top retailers worldwide.
Artist/Producer email inquiries are welcome.
However, we do not accept unsolicited materials.

Artists Recording Collective LLC

  •  Founder + Operations: Christopher Burnett
  •  Founder + A&R Officer: Erica Lindsay
  •  Founder + Public Relations: Sumi Tonooka

Burnett Music Foundation

  • Post Office Box 47
  • Leavenworth, Kansas 66048-0047
  • Email: chris@burnettmusicfoundation.org
  • Office: 913-250-5141

Official ARC Logos designed and
created by the artist, Paul Tsang.

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